The Intelligence Group is the authority for attracting clients through ultra targeted digital marketing.

No fluff. Just results.

Over 20 years of working with clients such as...

...and hundreds of other clients and  agencies.

357% Increase
Year Over Year In Online Donations

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The Intelligence Group does things differently. We focus on things that will serve your unique needs and actually get you clients - not vanity metrics such as "likes", "followers", etc.

Our group of experts make decisions based on data - not BS. In fact, other agencies hire us to do the actual work for their own clients - because we get results.

We'll do any or all of the following to take your business from good to extraordinary. 

Branding & Design

Spice up your existing brand vision or create a new one

Competition Analysis

Discovery what competitors are doing and determine opportunities.

Content Marketing

Optimize your content to be SEO-friendly

Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert your visitors toward the bottom of funnel.


Create copy with tone and voice to match your audience.

Email Marketing

Create outreach emails that generate leads.

Managed Services

Proactively manage all your tech.


Tech support whenever you need it.

Paid Media Advertising

Get your message across to an ultra targeted audience.

Public Relations

Get relevant content to journalists to enhance reach.

Reputation Management

Protects your brand's reputation.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your content ranked high organically.

Social Media Margeting

Increase your reach and get noticed.


Take care of all your communication needs.

Web Design & Development

Present your brand visually.

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Join over 12,000 business owners, marketing agencies, consultants, and others as we explore the latest tips and techniques that get clients.

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